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Camille Passeri

I first would like to express my sincere condoleances in this difficult time. My name is Camille Passeri and I’m an international solo trumpet player with 10 years experience in classical, jazz, pop and world music. Music is a very powerful way to connect people together and also to remember a lost.
Allround live muziek
I can help you to give a supplement of soul with a live performance for a special and unique ceremony. For example, this version of the eternal Ave Maria from Franz Schubert for trumpet solo and orchestra:
I am also open to any musical request, to design together the most personalized tribute. Please contact me for further informations about this process.

Reportoire suggesties voor live trompet muziek

Ideas, suggestions and inspirations for music I can perform:
  • Classical Music ( for example : Ave Maria from Schubert, Ave Maria from Gounod / Bach, Aria n°3 BWV1068 JS Bach)
  • Songs and Pop Music (Dutch and International, Actual and Vintage…)
  • Jazz/Blues/New-Orleans Music 
  • Gospel Music (for exemple "Amazing Grace"…)
  • Military Music (for exemple "the Last Post"…)
  • World and Traditional Music (for exemple Cuba, Mexico, Africa...)
  • Other…

Live presentatie muziek met anderen

My musical experience: 
Some examples of my experiences in the Dutch music scene are:
  • TV show live « De Wereld Draait Door » with Leo Blokhuis, Ricky Koole and Ruben Hein: https://www.bnnvara.nl/dewerelddraaitdoor/videos/274451
  • The Kyteman Orchestra in Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht)
  • Concerts with the singer « Oum » in Bimhuis (Amsterdam), De Doelen (Rotterdam), Tivoli (Utrecht) and Music Meeting Festival (Nijmegen)
  • Tour with the Dutch music theater ensemble Orkater « Julius Caesar »

Ook internationaal live tour muziek

In France, Europe and across the world I am working with many artists, like:
Some of the countries I’ve been performing last couple of years: 
  • All Europe
  • Russia
  • South-Corea
  • Marocco
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Israel
  • Ivory-Coast
  • New-Zealand


Neem contact op met de leverancier als je vragen hebt of iets wilt bestellen.

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Neem contact op met de leverancier als je vragen hebt of iets wilt bestellen.


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